Eagle Falls

    ...downstream from Cumberland Falls, drains Eagle Creek, a tributary on the west bank. These falls were particularly sacred to the Shawnee Indians. Our time spent at this spot marks the northernmost point of our trip and a departure from the Sheltowee Trace. From here, we  turned around and headed back toward the trails on the norht end the BSFNRRA.  Although we'd originally planned on going all the way to Natural Bridges State Park in Kentucky as we did in '95, a phenomenal number of  trees were laying across the path. As Jim the Mad Professor said, "Hell, this ain't no fun!"  A tornado the previous autumn as well as a blizzard which dropped 24 to 30 inches of wet, heavy snow on the branches of conifers February 3, 1998, had both taken their toll; roads had been impassable and power was out for weeks.