I want to give the whole world love and happiness...

I want the whole world to be loving and kind and very happy; that's what I'd give the world if I could. I'd make the government a better thing, stop taxes and help the homeless with food, shelter and some money. Also, I would build space colonies because there are so many people. I want everyone to be enlightened for their own good, to be smart and compassionate. I would plant more trees, stop all the clear cutting, stop the whale harpooner and all the other nasty-ass shit that man has done. I would give land back to the Indians and whoever wants their  own place. I would replace Clinton with a black woman, get the oil and toxic shit out of the oceans, clean up the air, legalize hemp. Hell yeah, I want everyone to be happy and have everything they need.

-Liz Sierra

Colorado (6/00)

Celebration of the Lizard



Zuni Prayer 

THS/Vajra Family