One day

while worshipping Shiva, I was about to offer a Bel-leaf on the head of the image, when it was revealed to me that this Virat, this Universe, itself is Shiva. After that, my worship of Shiva through the image came to an end.

-Sri Ramakrishna

"Each shrine has a domed roof rising to a point; the builders have simulated in masonry the domed thatch-roofs of a Bengal village. The shrines are identical inside as well as outside. They contain no image, only the small upright stone pillar which is called a linga; this is the usual emblem used in Shiva-worship. Lingas vary somewhat in size and shape; the ones at Dakshineswar are three and a half feet tall. They are generally worshipped very simply, with offerings of vilva leaves, rice, buttermilk, honey or yoghurt, to the accompaniment of chanting."

-Christopher Isherwood

Four of twelve Shiva Temples which define the western wall of the courtyard around the central Kali Temple at Dakshineswar