Ullambana (S): The occasion when Buddhists make offerings to the Triple Gem and dedicate their merits to the deceased.

upasaka (S): The male lay-disciples of the Buddha, characterized by their maintenance of the five precepts and Three Refuges. The five precepts are: to refrain from killing living beings, to refrain from stealing, to refrain from adultery, to refrain from lying, and to refrain from intoxicants.

Upavasatha (S): "New moon and full moon days." When Buddhists gather in the monastery or temple for communal observances and when the members of the Sangha recite the Praktimosha.

upaya (S): Skillful means. T. thabs

utpala: Peony flower depicted in Buddhist iconography. The nomenclature is somewhat confusing since the flowers held by the Taras and the one supporting the book in the iconography of Manjushri is often referred to as utpala which usually denotes a frilly blue flower.