We start with interest and devotion and work up to self-respect.
All are designed to help us discover our inner wisdom.

How do we do this?

Meditation is the primary technique.

Mind in the present moment may be thinking or analyzing but this mind is not based on anything substantial. Mind is not a solid object, but a vast openness. Inner wisdom is based upon this spacious nature of the mind, or the state of great equanimity. Of course, there are times when you feel upset, at other times you feel happy, sometimes you'll get angry, and once in awhile you are very sad. No matter what the situation, try not to hold on to any of it, but rather practice releasing it. To grasp and cling, to incessantly analyze and think about things, is breeding a hurricane. Learn to release and naturally dissolve mind back into the ordinary, natural state, so you can begin something fresh and new. Ease into the process of discovering innermost wisdom through meditation.

To spontaneously dissolve present thoughts and sublimate mundane functions and activities by continually invoking primordial wisdom and peacefully abiding in that natural state, is perfect enlightenment. Beginning the path toward enlightenment is a very special and joyous occasion. We should be very happy to have come upon the key that opens the door to helping all sentient beings.


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