Molten Gold

The Pith Instruction on Looking Into the Mind

A Guide to the Mind entitled
Liquid Gold Vomited from the Stomach of a Dog

To Mañjujñanasattva, Mañjushrî the Wisdom-being,
essence of my own mind inseparable from the Lama,
I bow down.

The root of both samsara and nirvana is the mind.
Apart from what is born of the mind,
nothing else whatsoever exists.
The manifold dance of illusory form
Is overcome when its creator, mind the magician, is brought under control.

Not understanding this is the delusory mind of the six realms,
And if you do understand, that is primordial awareness.
That primordial awareness is, in itself, Buddhahood,
And, as the quintessential buddha-nature (sugatagarbha), resides in the heart.


Look this way. Look into your own mind.
Wide the eyes that look out at everything,
But, like a beloved child one has long known,
What is it really like, this thing we call 'my mind'?

Today the time has come to look at it:
Turning ones eyes from the manifold phenomena (dharma) of the external world,
To look within is the one profound and supreme Dharma .

Though you may enter into the primordial wisdom
Where all things are wordlessly known to be illusory
And of one taste with pure awareness,
Simply looking into this mind, in a single instant and one fell swoop,
You can burst open the cavern of object-craving mind
And see directly into the quintessence of primordial awakenedness.
This is why it is known as the short-cut path.

There is no need to unite the skilful means and insight of the realm
of reality and its intrinsic awareness;
The fact that reality and awareness cannot be added to or subtracted
from each other
Is now nakedly set forth, O fortunate one.  A HO

The objective realm is the creative play of mind:
Without mind, who would there be to know these objects?
What is known and mind itself are inseparable:
This coming into being of nothing as such
is a magical self-manifestation. A HO

There is nothing whereby one could lay hold of the reality of mind:
If there were, you could meditate on the presence of such a 'something'.
Similarly, if there were a (tangible) absence, you could meditate on the 'absence':
Do not split it into such opposites. A HO

That which is not two dispels the idea of duality;
That which cannot be definitely established as one, appears as a duality.
This - which cannot be conceived of even as 'this' -
Is the self-presencing of the King, Mind As Such. A HO

Even if you don't know what to meditate on,
Simply seeing it as something unattainable,
(Although not as if you'd thrown something away),
Is to see into the foundations of the mind.

When you allow this, too, to remain in the realm of the unattainable,
Although there is no longer the smallest atom of concrete reality,
You possess the creativity of all-illumining knowledge,
The non-duality of reality and its intrinsic awareness inseparable.

Nothing as such, yet it has no essence of nothingness.
Examined, there is nothing. Left to itself, it is clear and bright,
Though - like the moon's reflection in water - not to be caught at by grasping for it.

Void of all essence of cause, effect, stillness or movement,
The intrinsic nature of this Voidness
being a self-existent radiance
Whose compassionate response is never-ending,
What arguments of being and non-being could comprehend it?

When investigating, mind is an analogy for primordial awakenedness;
In understanding, it is pure awareness - the self-arising of primordial awareness -
What a miracle, this radiance of Mind-as-such!

What benefit is there in its openness and its appearing?
Who is this in which there is no duality?
What is it that is to be meditated upon?
Leave it as it is in its self-settledness.

According to their various capacities,
Individuals perceive this self-established primordial awakenedness
beyond ordinary mentality
Either gradually or instantaneously.

In it, yogic practitioners
Burn the seeds of the six realms
In the fires of the vajras  of indestructible Body, Speech and Mind
That are the innate creativity of the primordial awakenedness in the heart.

From them, the sun of support and strength blazes forth,
And, holding wisdom in their hands and putting it into practice,
In a single lifetime they realise primordial Buddhahood.

SAMAYA - Commitment

On the perfect occasion of the 15th. day of the 11th. month of the
Iron Horse, while doing a meditation retreat upon Pälchen Heruka, I
was feeling like an old dog with one or two teeth chewing on a bone,
when suddenly this prayer was vomited out.

A swaggering youth, glancing about,
Is looking everywhere for a beautiful girl dressed in her finery,
But, when he finds her -the one he has chosen as his heart's desire-
Suddenly the words pour forth freely and without contrivance.