The total bliss of self-perfection, equality beyond the limits of a school, is the essence of the bodhi of all phenomena. However, beings of the six worlds perceive it as an object and are conditioned by attachment, the tirthikas confine it within a limit and uphold the mistaken concept of eternalism and nihilism, while the eight Buddhist vehicles have a dualistic view of it. Getting attached to their own partial views and dividing and limiting the dimension of equality, they disdain what they already have and seek something else. They neglect the natural state and then try to obtain it through effort. Even though they already possess enlightenment, they turn it into something conditioned by time. They do not understand equality and uphold the partial view to which they are attached with all their might: how pitiable they are! So liberate yourselves from the poison of attachment to sectarian views and enter the path of equality, beyond the limits of a school!
-Garab Dorje
as quoted in The Supreme Source by Namkhai Norbu, Snowlion, 1999