Midday on an exposure of sandstone overlooking BSF. A week before we were to leave for the woods, I got a call from a friend in Jamaica whom I had not seen in six years. Rasimo would soon be coming to the states on some business and had a few days free. We immediately rearranged our trip so that we would could all spend some time together.

    Humankind's age-old dominating and conquering approach to the world of nature has, through the development of powerful industrial technologies, been taken to the extreme of threatening the entire biosphere. On the individual level, it represents the shadow side of our preoccupation with individual separateness and power. On the planetary level, human activities are disrupting all the major elemental energy cycles. At the same time, there are concepts and practices of shamanistic traditions, and of indigenous animistic cultures and also contemporary holistic and ecophilosophical worldviews that promise a way out of these self-created dilemmas of humankind.
Ralph Metzner, Green Psychology, Park Stree Press, 1999