Sunset view south from the East Rim Overlook (1400 ft.~10/10/00)

           Only with a full scientific exploration of Gaian control mechanisms can we expect to implement self-supporting living habitats in space. If we are ever to design closed ecosystems that replenish their own vital supplies, we must study the natural technology of the Earth. Inhabiting other worlds, making it possible for us to stroll through gardens upon, say, Mars, is a gigantic project only thinkable from a Gaian perspective. We should know our roots in the microcosm before we go out on that limb, the supercosm. But whether people carry the primeval environment of the ancient microcosm into space or die trying, life does seem tempted in this direction. And life, so far, has resisted everything but temptation.
Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan  Microcosmos   Four Billion Years of  Microbial Evolution,University of California Press, 1986